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At What Age Are Legos Appropriate?

The LEGO Group’s headquarters are based in Billund, Denmark, and here the LEGO Inside Tour will take place. Starting point of the 2-day tour is Hotel LEGOLAND ®: www. hotellegoland. dk. The price per person for taking part in LEGO Inside Tour is DKK 14,500.

Can you tour the Lego factory in Denmark?

Visiting LEGO Though they don’t have regular tours of the factory at Billund, you can arrange for visits for groups and special guests.

Is Lego still made in Denmark?

Lego (/ˈlɛɡoʊ/ LEG-oh, Danish: [ˈleːko]; stylised as LEGO ) is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. In February 2015, Lego replaced Ferrari as Brand Finance’s “world’s most powerful brand”.

What is Denmark famous for?

The Great Dane breed of dog originally came from Germany and not from Denmark. Danish Lurpak® butter is world famous. It can be bought in stores in more than 100 countries worldwide. The English are famous for their love of bacon, which they began importing from Denmark in 1867.

How much is the Lego family worth?

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (Danish pronunciation: [ˈkʰɛlˀ ˈkʰiɐ̯k kʰʁæˈstjæːˀnsn̩]; born 27 December 1947) is the former president and CEO of The Lego Group (1979–2004). According to Forbes, Kristiansen is the 3rd richest Dane, with a net worth of $5. 4 billion as of September 2018.

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