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Can I Get Lego Instructions Online?

To register a set, you’ll need the LEGO ® Life app (it’s free to download from your app store). Open the LEGO ® Life app and scan the QR code on the building instructions or the packaging.

How do you get Lego Life magazine?

Click ‘Sign up your child’ and you’ll be prompted to create one. Make sure to use their birthday! You’ll receive an email asking you to activate the new LEGO ® Account, and once you’ve done that a form to subscribe to the magazine will pop up.
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  • What is a Lego Club?

    LEGOs are ideal for children to use to build their ideas because LEGOs are simple, durable, and reusable. After each LEGO Club the LEGO creations are taken apart and the LEGOs go back in their bins so that they can be used to solve different challenges in the next LEGO session.

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