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Can You Buy Lego In China?

The world’s leading toy maker, Lego Group, unveiled its new China flagship store on Thursday in Shanghai, which is the second in the city and the country. Consumers can get a personalized mosaic portrait made of Lego bricks for 999 yuan ($145) each. A reservation is required.

Is Decool Lego compatible?

Most lego imitations are compatible with the original lego, and it is very easy to find it on Aliexpress. Just type Building blocks compatible with lego or just type LEGO into the search box. Or just click on our links below. Do not forget, however, that this is not an original LEGO. May 8, 2018

Is Banbao compatible with Lego?

It turned out that it is really compatible with DUPLO, and quality is very good. The quality of Banbao was really amazing. LEGO and Banbao bricks have slightly different height, Banbao are taller, but are otherwise compatible.

Can Lego Sue lepin?

However, after Lego filed a lawsuit against the company, Lepin has been instructed to pay Lego a damages fee of 15,000,000 RMB (around £1,700,000). Lepin has been given no opportunity to appeal against the court’s decision.

Is aliexpress legit?

And Aliexpress is under Alibaba as well. AliExpress is super legit just because it is cheap does not mean it’s a scam. But to be honest there are going to be a few times where you feel like you are scammed but it isn’t AliExpress fault but rather the supplier or the main seller of the product.

What is similar to Lego?

Here are six alternatives that prove we should just Lego all together (geddit?).

  • Nanoblocks. Everything’s smaller in Japan – food, dogs, rugby players – so it is no surprise that their construction products follow the same bent.
  • Duplo.
  • K’Nex.
  • Meccano.
  • Polydrons.
  • Minecraft.

  • Is Cogo compatible with Lego?

    COGO is a clone brand, and hence not generally used around here. COGO bricks will work with LEGO, however, the quality, finish and fit of COGO bricks is significantly less than LEGO’s, so I would advise to return the COGO set and buy a (smaller but) better quality LEGO set instead. Yes COGO are compatible with LEGO.

    Is Mega Bloks owned by Lego?

    Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Mega Brands Inc., formerly known as Mega Bloks Inc. and Ritvik Holdings, is a Canadian children’s toy company currently owned by Mattel. In 2016, Mega Brands’ Bloks was second in worldwide sales (11%) of toy construction building sets.

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