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Can You Download LEGO Instructions?

Lego -based therapy (LeGoff et al 2014) is an evidence based approach that aims to develop social communication skills in autistic children, such as sharing, turn-taking, following rules, using names and problem-solving. Nov 9, 2017

Is Lego Technic compatible with normal Lego?

LEGO Technic has been around since the late 1970s (when it was known as the Expert Builder line). Technic sets also come with a different set of “bricks” than standard LEGO sets. Technically, the pieces are compatible with regular bricks, but they have a completely different design.

Does Goodwill accept Legos?

Donate them to a Nearby Goodwill or Salvation Army- Some neighborhood Goodwills will accept legos outside of kits. Sell them to Toy Brick Brigade- There is an online store for used legos. They will buy your legos by the pound to turn back into sets.

Does Lego recycle?

Donation is the answer! Donate your bins and boxes of used and new Legos, don’t dump your Lego toys in the trash, or even in recycling bins. Lego pieces will sit for thousands of years and won’t safely decompose in landfills, and the can ‘t be recycled.

Is Lego good for your brain?

Before you start thinking that LEGO ® just helps children develop better cognitive and motor skills, there are also lots of benefits for the adult brain. In fact, LEGO ® is frequently used by MIT to help communicate ideas through physical objects.

Do Legos help with ADHD?

Legos are a particularly great tool for children with ADHD and attentional problems because Legos can hold their attention for hours on end, helping to build the vital thinking skills that can allow them to focus better at school and during other non-play activities.

Does play therapy help autism?

Play therapy can improve their social and emotional skills, help them think in different ways, increase their language or communication skills, and expand the ways they play with toys and relate to other people. Children with ASD can benefit from any one of these play therapy methods as early intervention.

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