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How Do I Contact LEGO?

Complete LEGO brick listPart NumberPart NamePart Color2357Brick Corner 1X2X2White2412Radiator Grille 1X2White2420Corner Plate 1X2X2White2431Flat Tile 1X4White 70 more rows

How do you get a Lego part number?

By Part Number If you already have one the parts you want to order, the part number can be found in a couple of different ways: Printed on the part: Many Lego parts have the element or design ID printed on them (albeit really small). For example, tires generally have the part number printed on the side.

Why are there extra Lego pieces?

The main reason for this (as claimed by LEGO ) is that LEGO isn’t 100% confident in their ability to pack small parts accurately. Most LEGO elements are packed into small plastic baggies, and these are done automatically by weight. But small pieces are difficult to weigh, and require more accuracy and precision. Dec 5, 2018

Do Lego sets have missing pieces?

So overall, LEGO sets do occasionally come with missing parts, but not very often. When they do, LEGO is great about sending replacements. Why do LEGO sets always come with extra pieces ?

What is Lego worth?

Lego Group is worth $7. 57 billion, making it the world’s most valuable toy brand by far, according to consultancy Brand Finance. Lego’s 2017 Millennium Falcon is one of its largest models. Speaking at its results presentation in March, CEO Niels.

Who is Lego owned by?

Kirk Kristiansen

How many different shaped Lego bricks are there?

Lego went from 12,000 different pieces to 6,800 in the last few years-a number that includes the color variations. Why do they use so many ‘cheater’ bricks. i. e., instead of stacking 4 1×2 bricks they produced a 1x2x4 brick.

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