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How Much Did Lego Make In 2017?

BILLUND, March 6, 2018: The LEGO Group today released its full year financial results for 2017, reporting a decline in revenue and operating profit. Revenue for the full year decreased by 8 percent to DKK 35. 0 billion compared with DKK 37. 9 billion in 2016. Mar 6, 2018

Will Lego go public?

Lego ® is a privately-owned, family-controlled business and they aim to keep it that way. If Lego decides to “ go public ” and sell their shares, the boss will suddenly have shareholders telling them what they can and can ‘t do with their plastic bricks.

Do Legos increase in value?

Do LEGOs increase in value ? The short answer is… sometimes. I answer this a lot when it comes to collectibles because like all things, there’s nuance. Not every set you yank off the shelf is going to skyrocket in value, you just can ‘t expect that.

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