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Is Lepin Fake Lego?

Lepin blocks is a chinese building block brand. Not much is known about the actual manufacturer. Due to it’s near Lego quality, some speculate that the Lepin brand, might actually be owned by Lego itself to address the Asian marketplace. I’ve been searching for an official Lepin website but haven’t one yet.

What is lepin Lego?

The Lego Group has just won a court case against Lepin, one of the most prolific Chinese manufacturers of cloned Lego sets. Lepin has been in operation for a number of years, taking Lego’s trademarked brands and recreating them to sell at much lower prices. Stop infringing registered trademarks of Lego.

How can you tell a fake Lego?

What does Lego compatible mean?

Yes, they need to be quality bricks. These days, better technology means other manufacturers can make high-precision lego – compatible bricks for a fraction of the cost. For us parents, this means we can get our kids the full building experience, mixing compatible bricks with the originals. Sep 4, 2016

Is Cobi compatible with Lego?

Cobi Military Building Blocks Sets – Compatible w/ Lego. Set includes 95 pieces and 1 figure. The beige-colored Jeep model in its classic form is equipped with a minigun. COBI Blocks are 100% compatible with all the leading brands of building blocks.

What is vintage Lego?

The Lego bricks did not sell well in the beginning, until the decision was made to improve the locking ability of the bricks and to sell the toys in a series of related kits. The first building system kit series was the Lego “Town Plan,” released in 1955. A vintage Lego town set and space set, released in 1978-1979.

What blocks are compatible with Lego?

Here’s but some of this long list of brands :

  • Ausini (China)
  • Cobi (Poland)
  • Enlighten (China)
  • Lepin (China)
  • Mega Blocks (Canada)
  • Oxford Blocks / Kre-O (South-Korea)
  • Sembo / Shen Yuan (China)
  • Sluban (China)

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