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LEGO 0620

Features a 3-level model (each level lifts off for easy play) connected by a sliding elevator, plus a traditional fishing boat. Traditional fishing boat measures over 1” (4cm) high, 3” (10cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.

Lego 0620

So much thought has gone into the store telling. A stack of 4 different city scenes, each worthy of a set on it’s own.

I also love the way the layers of the set show how a city evolves, the old town by the waters edge all the way up to the modern communications tower bristling with aerials and gizmos. Really adds another level of story telling to the set.I was blown away by its size and level of detail!

It tops all the modular buildings easily. It really gives off the right vibe (if that makes sense). If you think about it, the price is really quite low for what you are getting. It was an absolute pleasure to build this model. The detail and architecture of the set is stunning.

Img 0620


I debated internally as we looked around the store. The kids have truly enjoyed playing with the set and it holds up pretty well from a playability aspect. If you are avoiding this kit because of its’ connection to a movie, you are making a mistake. Worked at it slowly for 2-4 hours daily for five days – wanted to stretch it out further, but was simply too enjoyable not to keep going.

Lego motorcycle.

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