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LEGO 1 4 Harry Potter Walkthrough: Introduction

You can replay previously played chapters so don’t fret about missing anything in your first playthrough. This walkthrough will list the stuff you can backtrack as soon as you have the means to access them.

Lego 1 4 Harry Potter Walkthrough

The same goes with crests; previously acquired crests do count so it means you just need to gather the other pieces again per story chapter. The walkthrough will discuss how to get the crests that you can access without the need of special magic or character. Another thing to note is that this game has some really annoying glitches that may prevent you from getting 100%. Its better to redo a few chapters than to do restart the whole game, if you’re after getting all unlockables.After they hit the boulder away you need to build and give the wizard in the picture a light. Aim at him and send a spell his way, he’ll turn you into a girl for a brief period of time so go straight to the door and wave at the picture. Your game will start with a long intro cutscene. Now you may collect blue stud behind the pillar. Light up the candle to brake the table into pieces. Repeat the same steps on the second table at the other end.

Once the crest appears, create a small ramp from the stools. Have your active character to pick up the spider on the web. Switch to your other character to pick the flower on the table. This will save a lot of time especially in the other stages because not every items are located at the same area. Fixing all eight will allow you to snag a purple stud. Construct a table from on the pile of bricks at the back of the bank. After a short cutscene, you will take control of the goblin. Pull the chain by the wall to open the bars. Enter the shop when you’re ready to proceed. There’s a hidden purple stud at the alcove. Blast the couch causes the student to trapped within it. Cast on the painting twice so that the wizard loses his pants so that the drawer will move away. Now you have to save three students hanging from chandeliers. Use the spell on the weight by the right wall to save the first one. Cast spell on the painting, then use magic to attach the dragon’s claws. To save the last student, attach the scattered pieces of armor start from its body, head and the spear. After picking up the weight, the armor will throw the spear, which will stick into the wall and support the weight. Don’t worry, we’ll find another three later. Attach the head, causing the blind to fold. Jump over the fountain to the other side. Light up the torch causes it to burn the display armor. The burned armor will hanging from the chandelier, hence causing it to fall. Cast on the broken chandelier to form a trident. Lift the trident, so that the merman statue can use it to hit the wrecking ball.

Use your magic to assemble some rubbles on the floor to create a lamp for the painting. Before proceed with the painting, cast on the remaining vases and light up the burner-out bulbs first. Once you’re done, go back to the wizard painting. Step on a patch of light, then wave to the woman painting. More ceiling fragments will fall off if you hit the mirrors on the wall. The troll will start to throw bricks at you. Once he gets hit twice, he will fall to the ground, dropping his club.

You can do a little trick here so that you don’t have to carry down each yellow bricks. Pick the third yellow brick, then throw it from the balcony. Pick the last yellow brick, jump down from the balcony while still holding it. Now put every single yellow bricks into it’s place.

Lego 1 4 Harry Potter Walkthrough

Light up eight torches in this new area, although only six torches are accessible at this moment. Hit him a few times to make him run towards the basket. Hit the basket nearby with magic and a snake will emerge. It’ll scare the boy away that he’ll drop the token. Once you’re ready, smash the bricked door on the left and you will discover a hanging skeleton. Approach the snake that wrapped around the pillar in the middle of the room. Lift the box so that the dragon head will swallow it to unveil the secret passage. The ghost will make his way to the left side.

LEGO Harry Potter Cheats

Before you do so, smash all four statues along the fountain corners. Stand on the patch of light that appears when you’re carrying the brick to interact with it. There’s a group of students bullying a boy. Upstairs, stand on the patch of light to purchase items. Use arrow buttons to toggle between the bricks. It is advised to break all the breakable items and plants in this room as some of them are needed to construct a new cart. Note that all the needed parts will automatically move to the front of the class. Destroy the valves on the right to get the parts you needed. Hit the left gargoyle with a magic blast. The second gargoyle will launch from the wall and start flying in a circle motion. Keep hitting it with magic blast three times before the gargoyle is defeated.Examine the bushes here for the last ingredient. Cast magic then construct the bricks to form a sculpture. Form a raincloud from the stack of stone plates. Blast the chest to reveal a black sphere.

You may ride the broom to train your broomstick flying skill. It’s only an optional, but you’ll get a lot of studs by doing so.

Use the spell to move blocks out of your way. Reassemble the pieces so that they form a makeshift staircase leading toward the ledge to the upper right. Demolish everything that you find there and when you’re done, there will be pieces rattling about on the ground. Hit the shutter to reveal a painting, then hit the painting with magic to open a trap door beneath the prefect. Arrange the bricks so you can ascend the stairs. Lift the bricks from the bookshelf and attach them to the brackets on the wall above. Construct a set of stairs from the jiggling blocks to your left. Use magic on the torch, causing the chest with firecrackers on fire. After the cutscene, you’ll appear back outside the tent. Leap carefully around the barrier fence so that you can safely land on the other side of the sideway. While invisible, approach the jumping books around the room. Head up to the balcony by jump onto the book held by the statue. Wreck the bookshelf and a part of the wall will fall down.Pluck the yellow flower and put it in the cauldron. Use magic on the desk by the left statue to produce piles of debris. The statue will knock down a stack of books that you can hop on. Use magic on the stacks of books right next to the entrance between the bookshelves to reveal a green pipe part. Set the pipe parts that match their colors. Pick up the key and carry it toward the gate that leading further. Knock aside a stack of books in front of the pipeline opening. Attach the door handle causes the door to swing open. A ghost and two bats will fly out, then land on the posts above the gate. Put the bricks lying on the ground altogether creating a cloud. They will transform theirselves into a ladder. Be careful at the top because you’ll be attacked by the giant hornets again. Again, you’ll be attacked by the hornets. Blast the spiderwebs to obtain two more bricks as well. Cast magic once again to extend the branches so that you can safely cross to the rock ledge. Hit the painting with a blast of magic and a rubber ducky will fly out. Hit the ducky twice to increase its size and lift it up. In this new area, head right to the room with the flying keys. Put a bucket on the statue’s head, then ride the broom that appears.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1 4 Character Guide

Shoot the large key four times to send it down. Send out the bishop to fight the white queen. Assemble the blocks to create your own queen. Use your queen to attack the white bishop. Avoid the fireballs he ll be throwing at you.

You also may construct pumpkin-shaped vehicle from bricks near the basketball hoop. Shoot the chest from a distance as it will attack if you try to approach it. Create a sword from the bricks and sent it into the painting. Pick up the green key, use it to unlock the door. The chain missing pieces will fall out of the largest box. Shoot the giant spider twice to defeat it. Get in the chest, destroy a black sphere here. Once it finishes cleaning, it will spit out a dragon claw needed for your potion. To obtain snake’s fang, hit the large flowerpot near the bench then blast the snake that appears. Hit every bush to find skeleton pieces, then put it back together. When you’ve defeated the first three gremlins, five more will appear. Send the rocket off by hitting it with magic. Hit the black orb to keep it in the chest to earn some studs. Create a staircase from the scattered bricks. Before proceed, jump to the upper left platform to collect some studs. Blast the chest at the corner for more studs. Hang the painting scrolls, then wave to it for extra studs. Attach the purple wrecking ball to the chain, causes the gate to open. Set the bricks so that you can get upstairs. Jump down and eliminate two pixies holding the bridge. Assemble a dancing skeleton to obtain the first ingredient.Lift the bed, then afterwards assemble the armor below the bed. He will destroy the big padlock, opening the passage to the next room. Knock down the spider using magic and bring all the ingredients to the cauldron. After a moment, you’ll be transform back to the human form. Construct a set of stairs from the planks in the cart. This is where you can build four scenes from the novels.

You need all crests in one year to build a scene from that year. Unscroll the painting roll and hang it on the wall. There is one more scroll after you cross the bridge. Hit the series of dummies as they appear. Place them on the platform in the right order, beginning with the tail and ending on the head. When the snake is properly assembled, the gate will open and you can pass through it.

Approach the entrance, unfortunately the door guardian won’t let you in. A moment later a flowering vine will sprout, pluck the cherries. Lift the chest so that a snake will creep from the basket. It’ll grab and pull away a student, leaving behind some hair. Use magic on the water fountain causing the water drips on the floor. A stream of green gas pouring from a pipe. Use magic so that the water container will suck up water on the floor and watering the empty vase. Activate both water fountains on the wall. Hop on the leaves to jump over the water fountains. The high water pressure will make you floating in the mid-air so that you can easily fetch the purple stud. Place the pipe piece above the container on the left and water will start falling into it. Use the scattered pieces to create an exaust fan. Turn it on causes a geyser of steam to erupt. Four snakes will appear and start to lean out of the four sewages. He’ll start turning a wheel, which fixes the water pressure. Open the spherical aquarium and a fish will fall onto the floor. The skull will float to the surface, pick it up and then pull out the eyes. After the cutscene, you’ll travel back into the past. Hit the bookshelf to get your first ingredient for the strength potion. Jump on the first platform-switch to extend the ledge form the wall.Your buddy will press the two other platforms once you tend the first one. Ascend the series of ledges to the right. Cast magic on the hanging plates on the wall to attach to its pole. Activate the platform-switch to stop the ledges from moving back into the wall. Drink the strength potion, quickly pull then chain on the wall. Activate the platform-switch to change the stairs position. Use magic on the painting, the wizard will throw the platform plate to you.Cast the table, so that the second character can move on through the rotating bookshelf to the other side. Switch character, cast magic on the table at the other side. Hit the banner twice, to break it into pieces and to create a springboard. Use it to jump at the higher ledge on your right. Attach them to brackets on the wall above to create two platforms. Jump onto the plunger then clean five puddles on the floor.

The ingredients are a mass of hair, an apple, and cherries. Dig up the large stump with moss trailers spread over it.

You can actually hop onto this and it will come to life. Create a cloud, move it to the left, above the withered tree. Dig the digging spot, causes the large tree trunk to fall over a gap to the right, forming a bridge. Your friends will swim over and join you on the high bank. Try to dodge the boss’ attacks and shoot the small ones. If you’re trapped in the spider web, simply change your active character.

You might find it hard to spin the black one and fight the brown spiders at the same time. Since you’re in a rush, you might easily miss the chests. The second one will be located on your left side (after you drive through a narrow passageway). Note that the blue ring is your active character whereas the green ring is your secondary character. Quickly through several more gates that will appear. Too much delayed time will cause you to start all over again.

Move a ball and guide it through the maze while your partner uses magic to move two red blocks out of the way. A frog will jump out from the toilet bowl and hide in the cabinet. There will be a a snake appears in the mirror. Proceed to the left then use the plunger on the giant squid. Hop on the platform and the other character will lift you up. Assemble the pile of bones to form a skeleton, which will start fishing and trigger a sequence. Don’t forget to assemble the last skeleton to get the red crest fragment. Tug on the snake statue to bring it down to a lower level. Jump into its mouth and it will rise again. Blast it with magic to get your first ingredient. Repeat these steps with the other two piles of rocks. Hit the snake once with your magic to scare it away.

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