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LEGO 1000 Bulk

Photo is a representation of the color and bulk lot – random selection will be taken from bulk lot. Once sorted all pieces are soaked in our special solution to sanitize before being washed.

You’ll receive 1000 of these types of building parts and pieces.

I counted out atleast 1000 not including flowers or posts. All are in fine shape with light to moderate play wear. Endless hours of building or having fun being creative.Lego parts in picture is exactly what you will receive.

You won’t (shouldn’t) find any broken, mangled, exceptionally dirty, or dog chewed pieces in our lots!

Our lots are in generally clean condition. New parts and deals are always being added. Our generic pieces are 100% compatible and have a tight fit. Provides hours of fun for adults and children ages 3 and above.

Biggest Lego Minifigure Collections!!!

1000+ Figs!

Building Custom Lego Displays

How to build the Minifig Stand!: Subscribe for more Lego set unboxing!

The generic bricks even have those “pinhole dents” on one nub, although these are more obvious.

I always thought bags like these would contain random pieces of shapes and colors, especially of the ones you don’t want. There would be a lot of defects, nowhere near 1000 pieces, and basically, the company is just trying to make a quick buck. A few of the “bad” reviews had me worried. But the fantastic reviews vastly outweighed the bad ones.

I have yet to give this to my son for his birthday. The amount of pieces for the cost didn’t seem to add up.

I mean, they’re plastic pieces for crying out loud!

He was impressed with the brown and did not realize that they weren’t “true” legos. Also, my granddaughter brought over her legos and there was no problem fitting the two together. In fact, it was more difficult pulling them apart. They have a wonderful connection with legos!

I never want to appear to not keep my word with my clients. Our bricks are natural and environment friendly that parents can buy and use with rest assured. There is no doubt that building blocks are the best childhood educational toys to cultivate intelligence for young builders. The best birthday and christmas gift for kids, it can provide more chances to enhance children’s imagination and creativities of brain thinking. Building blocks can help children quickly improve build, destroy and rebuild abilities that is beneficial to develop “spatial wisdom” and cultivate children’s confidence and a sense of accomplishment. It is easy to build and compatible tight fit with all major brands bricks. Whatever they dream of is endless possibilities. There are numerous pieces and helps in implementing his thoughts and build unique structures. Personally i feel its good for 4 years and above. Everyday she tells me the things she is building.

I Spent $, On Rare & Retired Lego Sets & Minifigs!


MandRproductions returns from the LEGO fan convention with more LEGO than he anticipated!

Spending over $1000 on RARE …

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