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LEGO 10143 Review Death Star

A set with whopping 3449 pieces, there are lots of repetitive steps, which may bored you. Lepin still have lots of room to improve on the technics parts.

My fingers hurt after inserting all those pins and technics parts, which are very stiff. This is the set built for display purpose. Because the original is no longer in production, this is good alternative to consider.

I understand and respect your clear-cut points.I am impressed with your writing style and how well you express your thoughts.

I was blown away by all the details on the “unfinished” side of it. It seemed like an impossible build with so many pieces. Pieces and pieces as far as the eye could see. Howeverm despite the plethora of pieces, the instruction book seemed as if it were one of two. There are some pieces, though, that are quite expensive now.

Here’s a quick build and review of Set 10143, the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series Death Star II.

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It may be worth it, but you probably would not make to big of a profit, if one at all. For a visual of this find instructions and look from page fourty to page fifty-seven. As you build the surrounding areas to the laser, there is not too much repetition. The laser, on the other hand, is very repetitive as you must make eight mini lasers that touch the one super laser. However, according to the chart, that is a very reasonable price for the theme. Also, given the price of the set, not too many people were able to get there hands on it, making it even more rare.

I do remember that the box was enormous in all dimensions, almost like a gigantic cardboard cube. The back of the box shows the actual set on the stand and gives the dimensions. The pictures on the box do a good job of advertising the set, but the most impressive aspect of the box is its enormous size. That is quite an accomplishment and a very fast growth rate, especially after all this time. The “unfinished” side is very impressive and is what, in my opinion, makes this set very special. It is not apparent when observing the “unfinished” side that the top and bottom are exactly the same, only with one flipped upside-down. Although there is not too much detailing on the “finished” side, it too looks good and is true to the movie. The huge laser looks very good and the trans-neon green color matches the color of the “real” laser almost exactly. It is a long and tedious process to build and it actually took me about three whole hours just to disassemble it: that’s how massive it is. To my knowledge, there are no unique parts to this set. Even though there is not much variety of colors and building techniques, it really is an extremely impressive set and a pleasure to look at. Though the build is repetitive, tedius, and even a little boring at times, it really pays off when you see this monster fully constructed. As we have seen over the last six years, this model has exploded in value.

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Here is my review on the Lego Star Wars 10143 Death Star II, a great model for …

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