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LEGO 10186 General Grievous Instructions Star Wars Ultimate

Although it is a little flimsy with the arms sticking out, it has not fallen apart.

We put those pieces together again and then the model was fine.

It’s size is impressive and we now have it displayed on our computer desk!

The difference between the kits for younger and older kids essentially boils down to smaller and more pieces, hence, it takes longer to complete. The one downside is that once complete, the finished product is pretty delicate and could be easily demolished with the glancing blow of a wayward elbow, etc. All in all, very satisfied with this purchase.These are meant more for display than aggressive playing. My son said he really enjoys building them.

I am amazed how he can sit down with the instructions and get it put together by himself. El paquete llegó ráìdo y en perfecto estado.

Finished building the LEGO Star Wars 10186 UCS General Grievous. Was missing a few pieces which I had in my store. However …

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