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LEGO 10218 Creator Pets Shop Review

Each instruction manual is devoted to a single building that can be placed one next to the other using two pegs. There are so many lovely parts to build on this set.

I have to say that it has been a stressful and fun experience at the same time. Let me comment about each building level on the next section. Meanwhile, enjoy a very fast timelapse building. It took me around 3-4 hours per building.It is a pity that this part of the building isn’t as accessible as the rest.

I suppose it is done this way to strengthen the building’s structure.

I can’t forget to tell you about the lovely garden under the windows or the stairs to enter the green door house. Just at the left of the door there is a functional red mailbox with one letter. It is quite nice the way of building the door top part using bricks in a surprising way. It is admiring the ingenious way they used to give the feeling of painting the wall.

The windows are decorated with yellow flowers. On the right side of the building there is a pipe for rain water that looks like it would even work. There is a lovely detail of a red and blue window next to the door that looks quite nice. If you see it from the outside it has a wonderful big window with two boxes containing something like a big red ball ( maybe a tomato?

Right of it, you have the building entrance with a stairs and another red mailbox. Inside the shop, you have a great tiled floor in blue and beige colors. The room has two walled areas with windows that contain animals: a dog under the stairs and a cat near the further end of the room. It has a hole on the wall where the cat is waiting for something… if you go to the back part of the building you will see a big rat ( bigger than the cat in fact ) close to a rubbish bin. Also the shop has a cash machine and a table with drawers. And opposite to it there is a shelf with what look like potions or animal food close to a frog. This room has a coffee machine that looks damn good. In front of it there is a yellow cup over a table close to a chair. Just look the lovely light these windows give.

You get what you paid for but it is a lot of money.

I have to admit that the building is quite a bit of fun!

The set contains 2032 pieces including a bunch of unique/interesting pieces.

I noticed when the box arrived in hand was how big the box actually was!

Finally, there is a single unnumbered bag full of larger flat plates and a final bag holding the two instruction manuals (which are packaged nicely with a hard cardboard backing). Each of the two buildings are constructed one floor at a time. As you can see, each floor of the building is built separately and then combined at the end. Moving on to the top floor, there’s still not much exciting in the interior.

I mentioned the veggie garden a few times – you can only see it from the back view of the building. The doors at the bottom open up into the crawl space. Once the townhouse is done, you get to move on to instruction book number two and create the set’s namesake: the pet shop!

Like before, the floors are each constructed one at a time.

I like the light pole and the little stand with dog bones and a ball. The upper floors of the pet shop are actually used for a second residence. The back of the pet shop (seen above) shows a wash bin, plus the mouse and a crate. After creating the first floor, the remaining two floors are simply more residences and not overly exciting. However, the real beauty of the set is the two buildings side-by-side!

I did dock the set for kid value because it’s probably a bit too difficult (and time consuming) for kids to actually piece together the set on their own. That instruction manual looks like a novel!!

This way, they are able to be placed in the row separately, or in any order you wish. The houses themselves are a shop front with accommodation at the top, and a brownstone style building that is ready to have someone move in. There is plenty to look at in each building, so let’s get stuck into it!

Lego 10218 Review

Inside the box you will find 17 bags of parts, two loose 16×32 baseplates in green, and two instruction booklets.

You get 1x1s , 1×6 and 1×4 bricks in this part. It comes in the metallic silver colour and looks good. A bit big for a minifig to hold, but still good to have. One difference you may notice is in the fences at the front of the brownstone building. The black fences have actually changed since the image was taken for the box art. The photo shows the fences as the 1x4x2 with 2 knobs variety, but the sets these days come with the 4 knob element. It’s a small thing, but can look a little different.

LEGO Creator 10218 Pets Shop Review

It’s an easy fix with some tiles though, so no major issue. A bike rider, a painter, a kid and a lady. As with all minifigures with modular sets, the face is the classic one. The minifigures aren’t standout, but they are a good addition to the set. We’ll go building by building, floor by floor. This building first starts with the construction of the sub-floor. Once the floor and slanting frame and door is in place, it’s time to add the toilet. It looks really good as a standalone loo.

I really like the use of the clear minifigure head as a vase. It looks really effective, especially in the bay window!

They’re a little repetitive to build, but they look really good.At the top is a smaller room, with some opening windows at the top, with a very small front balcony. There’s also some boxes, a nice little stained glass window, and the best part of the building (in my opinion), a balcony with a vegie garden!

The ground floor is the pet shop itself, and it has some great animals and features in it. First, there is a great looking tiled floor. They look really neat, and add so much to the build. As normal, it’s brick built, and looks fantastic!

Lego Creator Modular Pet Shop Set | Unbox Build Time Lapse Review + Lego City Addition!

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One with a ball, and one with some bones.

I really like the coffee machine in the corner!

Up another flight of stairs gets you to a half floor / loft kind of space, with a bed and bedside lamp. This floor is finished off with a roof, which has a big skylight at the top, and the top of the chimney.

I really like the front of this building. The roof looks like black shingles, and the archways and flower beds add some interesting shapes and colour. It’s a great build, and is able to be separated, which is awesome. It’s relatively playable, but with not much in the rooms, doesn’t leave all that much to play with. Like the other downtown city structures, this one is three stories high and can be connected via the sides to other downtown city structures. However, the building itself has an additional divider that allows you to separate the pet shop with the apartment section for more customization in configuring your town. Here, we see what is from my memory, one of the only toilets in existence. The first part you’ll put together is the first floor of the apartment section. Outside of the little bathroom, this side is such a wonderful piece.You get a little gated garden and mail box (mail included!) along with a stylish porch overhanging. The interior of the first floor beyond the toilet is basically a living room. Right next to the door, you have a coat hanger with someone’s hat resting. Nearby is a black leather sofa and flower vase that shows a very cozy environment to the person living here. The rear of the apartment has a small door and what looks to be a basement. The doors do open but the space underneath is pretty small. In all honesty, there wasn’t much to really demonstrate.

You do have a spiraling staircase that leads to the second floor, which seems to be either being renovated or for rent.

You have a painter putting the first layer of paint against the brown wall. The third floor itself is again not really remarkable. The interior though lacks any features outside of the next flight of stairs leading upwards and some crates. Probably, it’s meant for you to fill in with additional furniture. Here’s another view of the apartment by itself. The picture above shows the beginnings of the pet shop component. Here, you can see a relatively new piece, which is a larger plastic trash can. Just outside you can see a mouse just sticking outside it’s mouse hole while a cat prowls nearby. The set gives you three bones, one of which is placed along side the little dog here. The dog cage sits under a stair case leading to the 2nd floor of what seems like someone’s apartment. Also, you can see the lamp post on the street corner here. Unfortunately, for us who wanted a bigger pet shop, we won’t be getting it here. The upper floors of this building are dedicated living quarters.

I have to say though that the rent hopefully should be cheap considering that they’d have to live above a pet shop!

Imagine if this guy was nutty enough to put his bed over the dog cage!

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