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LEGO 10220 Ebay

I bought this several years ago and went straight up in the loft. The kit is complete and has never been built.

Lego 10220 Ebay

The majority of the parts are still sealed in the original bags, so is in as-new condition. Been built and now selling to pay for next lego set. Not quite like new as you cant reuse those bags the lego comes in. It is a fantastic model and a real icon, perfect for a fan or collector.There is no box but the instructions are present. Set is still available in different packaging in stores. This is a nice model to build but it lacks the robustness and finesse of later models of comparable size and complexity and is not a robust model that can shown around beyond sitting on a shelf — and even there it needs squeezing together again in places periodically. Too fragile to play with but nice as an ornament. The case is made from 3mm thick clear acrylic. The only problem is some of the roof is not quite strong enough underneath but it is for display so that is ok.

Everything pictured above, one new sticker sheet.

We will try our best to resolve the issue!

With a piece count of 1, 334 inside each box, this set provides challenging and captivating entertainment that helps build construction aptitude in a satisfying manner.

I bought this for myself as a birthday present.

I spent approximately 3 hours total building it.

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