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LEGO 10241 Review Creator Maersk Triple Container Ship Amazon.Co.Uk

My son is absolutely over the moon with product and looks forward everyday to put together.

I think this will be a good one for an investment almost in a sleeper sort of way.

The main draw back was to place all the stickers on the small peices for the cargo truck.

I don’t see any value in parting out the parts expect if there is a niche market for blue pecies. This one would be better investment as the full set in the box. Seeing images of this vessel really does not do it justice.Inside the box sits 15 bags of parts, 2 instruction booklets, and a whole lot of stickers – 115 in fact!

With 115 stickers, it’s a huge pain to get them on. Once the round slide shoes are attached, there is enough clearance for the vessel to sit flat on a table. They’re pretty simple to attach, and will make the build slightly less frustrating. Aside from that minor detail, the build is good. Repetitive (especially the containers), but good.

Lego Maersk Line Triple E Container Vessel Set 10241 Full Review

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You also get a bunch of spare coins and a gold bullion !

The fact that the engines are visible from both the outside through the windows, and after some container stacks are removed is a really great addition. They look fantastic, and it’s a great item to show friends – it’s a detail they don’t expect to see. It’s a great size, and has lots of really nice details. With rare colours and loads of special pieces, it’s a must for any collection. The stickers are a shame, but sometimes we have to live with stickers – after all, it’s worth it once they’re applied!

Assembly isn’t difficult, although the last section with the containers is a little tedious. Find this model a worthy bookshelf, ledge, or set it on the mantle above the fireplace. It’s sturdy enough to handle and play with if you like, but if not just sit back and admire it!

For individuals who think they are too expensive, they really need to take a good look at the detailing of all their pieces, the ease of assembly from fantastic instruction booklets, and the fantastic choice of sets. A real collectible that will grow in value before this year ends!!!

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