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LEGO 10243 Review: Amazon Customer Reviews Lego Creator Expert Parisian

There’s no shortage of details on the back. Bags #3 also build the terrace seating area.

Lego 10243 Review

Note the new 2×2 domes used, right way up this time, for hanging flower baskets. The roof is made with alternating 1×3 and 1×4 curved slopes which give it an interesting texture. Round the back are skylights to provide the artist with good natural light. The 2×2 curved slopes, above and below them, are new.It features an unprecedented level of detail throughout, not just on the ground floor and not just on the front. Unique and clever building techniques which make use of parts in new ways. New parts, and old parts in new colours, including 300 in olive green. The finished model is a joy to behold and is practical to display. If you haven’t bought any yet, make this one your first. Normally you come across the modular to be empty but this has fully furnished flooring and the details continue to the upper floors.

Lego Creator Parisian Restaurant 10243 Modular Building Review!

Its nice to see new parts being used in a modular, hopefully a trend that carries on into the rest of the series. In this, the front shows very little olive green, but the back is primarily in that color. If one was to build it or extend it, you wouldn’t really need that much olive green to give the same frontal effect. Most of the color is on the sides (that you won’t see if next to other buildings) or on the back. The amount of detail is just stunning in the model and as you said it’s getting better and better with each release. Can’t wait to have one set up beside my others. And you didn’t give away how these first floor windows are constructed!

I still have quite a bit of kit reviewing to do!

I own – and it’s also holds a pair of apartments in the upper portion of the building. The actual set comes in a giant box which holds 2469 pieces. Since the instruction booklets begin with the ground floor, that’s where we’ll begin the review!

As you can see, there are two outdoor seating areas plus another two indoor tables. Once the first floor is complete, you also get a wine curio plus a few wall hangings (a painting in the main dining area and a clock in the kitchen). The back of the building includes a brick built dumpster plus some greenery and a trash can (and a rat for good measure). Moving on to the second floor, you actually build two separate components. The inside of the second floor contains a fully fledged (small) apartment. The other part of the second floor is the outdoor seating area. Finally, we make our way to the third and final floor – home of the starving artist!

The only way to access the third floor is actually from the back of the model. The modular building series is one of the best lines for adult fans. It appeals to the builder, the collector, and those looking for a gorgeous filler on a shelf. It deems a high collector’s price as well.

Lego Creator Parisian Restaurant Set | Unbox Build Time Lapse Review

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