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LEGO 10244 Australia Creator Expert

This is free to join and gives you 10% off all orders. The mixer should qualify for free postage, even after the discount is applied.

The website lists 6 in stock so you’ll have to get in quick. This doesn’t seem to be a widespread sale; according to the website there are only two items reduced. The set contains 1746 pieces and recreates a heap of classic fairground rides and attractions. Really cool to see a bed in the interior of the cab.The main picture in particular is one messy pile of bricks. Looks kind of messy, too many small builds and the ride looks like a city set, not a exclusive one. Hopefully down the road they will make some add-ons to this set(ie more rides, a house of mirrors, etc) to turn it into a complete traveling carnival.

I like the little extras of the set like the booths and trucks but the main feature of the model, the mixer ride seems a bit lackluster and bland. It may look bland, but in my opinion all of the creator buildings look bland to some extent – after all it’s a building, not a architectural wonder. It isn’t meant to be in the creator building theme.

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I really like all the little add ons, particularly the dunk tank.

I love the figures, the colours and the amazing playability of this set.

I agree with some of you about the pictures on the box, they look to busy and untidy. The constant rehash of the same torsos and heads is getting boring for me. And the price for this set is way too high: it’s the same price as a modular building. Looks like great value for the money as well.

I love that it’s so simple to convert from the truck load to the ride and back again. Also that the twirling mechanism works much like the real thing – most people don’t notice that it’s often a running tyres on an axle that spins the gondolas. The trucks are impressive in their girth alone and the whole set up covers quite some surface. Watch the video, the photos just don’t capture it. On the other hand, that it all fits on two trucks is impressive.

I will get it and sort out my feelings later!

If we don’t support bold, quality efforts like this, we would be stuck in an endless chain of police and fire sets.

I went to a carnaval and thought: why doesn’t lego produce carnaval rides, or perhaps an entire theme?

On mixer type of rides, there is supossed to be a bottom plate, right?

It’s “complete” in the sense that it comes with the trucks that it comes with in real life too. It is well thought out, especially the way everything can be collapsed an transported.

I didn’t ever think they’d do set reveals!

In the image it looks rather squashed, and awkward for the minifigures. This just doesn’t fit in with anything else in my collection. Slight crease on top of box due to shelf wear (see photos). Then show off your muscles by trying to strike the golden bell or have a go in hitting the target and plunge the dunk tank lady into the water. As evening falls, the swirling merry-go-round glows in the darkness, before you fold it down onto its own trailer for transporting to the next town. Accessories include: ice cream, ice lollies, teddy bear, juggling pins and a large and small mallet for the high-striker.

LEGO 10244 Fairground Mixer $149.99 Delivered @ David Jones

He had hands like a bunch of bananas, swung a sledge hammer with one hand. Happy to not go on the bandwagon on this one this time. Anyone know any myer stores that stock this set?

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