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LEGO 10251 Creater Brick Bank Australia

Includes 5 minifigures: a bank manager, secretary, teller, mom and child. Laundromatfeatures a printed window, tiled floor and 4 laundry machines.

Bank manager’s office features a large desk with banker’s lamp and approval stamp, leather-look chair, printed portrait, statue and a cabinet. Unlock the bank vault to access the safe deposit boxes. Stack coins with the coin counting machine. An on-site laundrette contains four washing machines, and the second-floor offices hold a variety of furniture and fittings.The building’s exterior has an elaborate façade with intricate carvings, and there’s a pavement to two sides, a decorative roofline, central balcony and an accessible roof terrace with large skylight. Five mini-figures including a bank manager and teller are included. There are a lot of pieces when there needn’t be but this adds to the complexity. Subtle colour differences, especially with the greys, and this sometimes led to a few mistakes using the wrong colour piece but easy to go back and fix.

I will be collecting more of the buildings in the near future.

I fell in love with them and then looked at the price.

Lego Creator 10251 Brick Bank Lego Speed Build Review

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Fun and interesting to build, while looking fantastic when finished. The pieces are sorted into numbered bags. All the bags with the same number are required for one segment of building. Bag numbers 1&2 for the ground floor, 3 for the first floor, and 4 for the roof. There is also a 170 page manual of building instructions. But this is all part of the fun and the challenge. The pieces do come in numbered bags, but a little sorting will make assembly more enjoyable. The build is broken up into 3 main sections so those are natural stopping points for a break. Those smiling minifigures look like solid citizens, but they have their criminal hats and bandanas to change into when it’s time for some bank robbing!

Step through the arched entrance of the sculptural faade onto the elegantly tiled floor of the grand foyer, where daylight floods through the large, oxidized copper skylight, illuminating the ornate chandelier high in the atrium. Make a deposit with the friendly teller and place the money in the banks secure vault. It was inevitable that 2016 saw a corner modular being released, as it’s happened every third year. Not only is this build a very stylish bank, but there’s also a laundromat, where customers can sneakily launder money through a special washing machine. Inside the box is the instruction booklet, a 32×32 tan baseplate, and 20 numbered parts bags.

I will go through a few of my favourites, and a few surprises!

There’s five in this set, and the combinations of elements are all unique as well. Each of the minifigures is a good inclusion, with some extra thought going into the robber side of the story. It’s used in this set to create some rather striking tiling on the floor. Then there’s the 1x2x1 2/3 with four studs on the side used for the detailing on the exterior walls. There’s plenty of these in the set, and they are sure to come in handy in many other ways. There are also some recoloured elements, with the light stone grey bullion , used in the detailing of the exterior. Of course, you can go through the basics of what a bank and laundromat normally do, but there’s more. There’s the winner of the novelty cheque, and her criminal mother – pop a face mask on her and she becomes a bank robber that tries to lower herself in from the bank roof into the vault. There’s a fantastic little chimney that goes all the way down into the vault.

Lastly, there’s the money laundering operation. If you put some money into the top right washing machine – the one with the red light, it will slide through the machine, into the vault and will rest in a locked safety deposit box.

I was really impressed with the play options included. The baseplate is covered in tiles, with only the tiniest amount of bare baseplate studs showing. It’s one of the reasons why this set is so beautiful to me – there’s so much smooth tile!

Modulars are one of the most entertaining sets to build, as there’s so much you can learn. New techniques, new ways of looking at elements, and just the sheer enjoyment of seeing a modular building rise up from the baseplate. The shield elements don’t quite meet neatly as they are bevelled, so some of the stud is showing between the diagonal edges, but it’s not too noticeable with the tan baseplate. The upwards direction of the build starts with the back of the modular. The front of the bank is also created, starting with the base of the wall and flower beds.

I wasn’t sure why this was done separately while building it, but it makes sense – in order to access the secret vault entrance, it makes it easier to remove a section of the chimney.

Lego 10251 Australia

The work on the first floor starts with adding some furniture. There’s the secretary’s workspace, complete with a very snazzy little espresso machine, and the bank manager’s rather imposing desk. There’s not too much else on the inside of this floor, as much of the floor is an empty void, to make way for the chandelier. This is a fantastic model and looks fantastic.

I particularly like the use of the zipline handles as the greebling on the roofline, and the keys and shield.

I will say that isn’t fantastic is that it’s not easy to get access to the vault area or chimney. It’s extremely tight in there, and so big hands, and even some kids’ hands will struggle to play. A set like this may seem expensive, but it’s a modular, and being marketed at the older age range, money woes are not as big a deal in some households. This is definitely one to get for the collection. Where does this modular rate in comparison with the others?

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