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LEGO 10258 Australia

Either that or you can go in-store and check the set out. The scaling isn’t particularly realistic when you put these vehicles together, which may be slightly unsettling for those that prize accuracy and realism.

Judging from their speed this is actually quite late. That’s that project out the window with this set. Just ask him to buy it for you and you can pay it back in cash!

This looks far more like a toy to me, which is a shame.It looks like it employs quite a few cunning tricks to get the curves and shape right. Love the fine detail right down to worn seats & discarded chewing gum!

It could really do with characterful driver, conductor, and passengers.

I know the vehicle series doesn’t usually come with minifigures, but it really needs something as its engine and build are nothing out of the box. The roof and upper level can be separately removed to allow a closer look inside. The advertising banner on the side features an alternative vintage style ad for biscuits.

To make the set a little more realistic there are also some nice little touches like wear and tear on the seats and items left behind by passengers (a can, newspaper and forgotten umbrella). The front wheel arch looks a little off, not sure how else they could’ve done it without extending the front end in front of the wheel though.

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