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LEGO 10514: Jake’s Pirate Ship Bucky

He loves jake and he loves lego, so this was a will be a huge hit!

It’s a large set and the characters are really nice.

Lego 10514

The boat is easily assembled and the instructions are nice and clear. Some help required by parent to construct but appeared very pleased with product. Escape to the island and bury the treasure where no one will find it!

Spot him from the turning lookout tower, fire the cannon and hoist the sail to evade that pesky pirate.Escape to the island and bury the treasure where no one will find it. He thought that was the coolest piece ever!

We got this set for our three year old grandson; we spend hours putting it together, breaking it apart and building it again, always in a different way. When you load the “cannon” with the lego-style “cannon ball” it actually fires when you push the button, which of course a toddler boy thinks is the neatest thing ever. He accidentally popped me in the arm with it; it can travel pretty far, but doesn’t really have any force behind it. It arrived much quicker than expected and granddaughter has had a lot of fun playing with it.

Lego Duplo 10514 Jake’S Pirate Ship Bucky – Lego Speed Build For Kids

Lego DUPLO 10514 Jake’s Pirate Ship Bucky – Lego for kids Do you want to see more Lego DUPLO Speed Build videos from …

She really likes the cannon that fires a cannonball. It lends to imagination play and has several suggested variations on the back of the box. He kept playing with it and instead of leaving it here for his visits, he took it home with him because he loved it so much. My daughter says they are of a high quality and they will be played with for years!

It has a sail, lots of add ons and even a cannon that fires a soft missile.

Строим из Lego Duplo, Lego Duplo Jake’S Pirate Ship Bucky – Пиратский корабль Джейка

Строим из Lego Duplo, LEGO DUPLO 10514 Jake’s Pirate Ship Bucky – Лего Дупло 10514 Пиратский корабль Джейка …

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