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LEGO 10542 Duplo Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Tale Leg

They love to create their own and can’t get enough of them!

She’s a super girly girl and loves anything with princesses, so the duplo princess set was the perfect gift.

They were super excited when they saw them and play with them for hours on end. The pieces aren’t too small and definitely toddler friendly!

So nice to see an age appropriate toy that children love to play with. But regardless it’s very cute and we’re having fun building.My daughter can pretty much build them on her own and they’re so adorable.

Disney Duplo Princess Sleeping Beauty’S Fairy Tale By Lego 10542 Unboxing & Reviews

Lego Duplo Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty’S Fairy Tale For Kids Worldwide

For Kids Worldwide presents: Lego Duplo Disney Princess!


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