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LEGO 10545: Batcave Adventure

Batman quickly down the slide to capture her. Your child will develop creativity and building skills with this iconic, easy-to-build set featuring lots of extra bricks for extended play.

Lego 10545

Fire the imagination with endless super hero role play opportunities. At two and a half he can manage to put some of the parts together successfully. For the same price, a little princess can have a whole castle to play with, and this falls short of that.

We have to modify it because we are missing 2 pieces.

Lego Duplo Batman 10545 Batcave Adventure Dc Comics New 2014

LEGO DUPLO Batman 10545 Batcave Adventure DC Comics NEW 2014. Batman has Catwoman over while Robin acts as …

Batman Batcave Adventure!

Lego Duplo Set Building Toy By Hobbykidsvids

See HobbyDad and HobbyKid build the 10545 Duplo LEGO Batman set. An adventure with Batman, The Joker and Catwoman.

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