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LEGO 10558: BrickLink

Both educational and entertaining at the same time. Would definitely buy again to give as a gift.

Lego 10558

Rebuild into a tunnel, building or dog house with a roof that opens!

It seems like you pay a lot for these blocks compared to other toys that have a lot of buttons and gadgets and batteries and seem to be more complex. The pieces are big (no risk of choking) and given how high quality legos are and how solidly they are made, this set if probably good to play with for at least 10 years. This lego set is perfect for the age that puts everything in their mouths – not a choking hazard in sight.There were so many pieces for him to play with and put together!

When she opened this train she immediately loved it. This set has the train, ten number blocks, a guy and a dog. Not the world’s biggest set, but a good addition to her collection. This set will expand your child’s playing time with the highly sought after train pieces. After two months of play, this set is still being used every day.

Lego Duplo Number Train 10558 Learn To Count

LEGO Duplo Number Train 10558 Learn To Count =============================================== Information about …

The number blocks have helped in learning and there are many counting activities you can create with them. That has been an issue with many other trains we have bought. He just wanted to play with the front part of the train. This may be a toy to put up until he is a little older but it looks great to me.

I think my husband has more fun with it sometimes. It has held up nicely for us in the time we have had it. The wheels roll nicely and everything fits together nicely.

Lego Duplo Number Train Learn Numbers To .

Today I played with the 10558 train of Lego Block.

We assembled on a sandbox and a scaffold and ran it. This toy had numbers …

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