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LEGO 10592 Duplo Fire Truck: Problems Viewing Target

Use this fun toy for 3-year-old boys and girls to talk about fire safety and the important work of firefighters in our communities. Duplos are often overpriced, but this is an awesome fire truck.

Lego 10592 Duplo Fire Truck

My son has been playing with this for at least 2 hours a day each day since we got it over a month ago. This works much the same as the new container truck, which we also own. The trailer can come off and you can rebuild it to meet your building imagination. He loves that it has a ladder and that he can take the parts off and “build” it again.This set works really well as a set to build up your collection. It also comes with a window, which is great if you like to build houses or businesses like we do. It comes apart into smaller parts, yet not too many little pieces. Sometimes he comes to me for help separating the pieces at the base of the ladder that enable it to swivel, but those are the only pieces that he has trouble with. This is a great building product for toddlers, especially for 3-5 year-olds. He loved it and played with it a long time after opening, driving it around making truck noises after we helped assemble.

Jump onto the LEGO® DUPLO® Fire Truck and save the day!

Rush to the burning building and help the firefighter winch himself …

This is very well made, as most/all duplo. He doesn’t frustrate easily, which is a good thing because it can take both a little muscle and dexterity to get some of the pieces together, like the hose into the firefighter’s hand. This set is compatible with the construction vehicles, etc., which is great. The pieces are easy to handle, the sets come with action figures, pieces for buildings. The pieces are big enough for his hands to maneuver together and he loves making the ladder go up and down. He also loves driving it around the floor. Eventually, he will be able to assemble it in the different ways that it goes together, but for now he loves the basics.

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