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LEGO 10654 Review Classic Creative Brick Set

The sets come with no instructions, only a few suggestions, so they are perfect for free-building. It has a really nice selection of parts, of which the 45 degree angled door piece is the most notable.

It’s the cheapest way to get this piece, and the set offers two of them. It’s easy to find good bargains on both the classic sets and the smaller minifig sets. Also, excellent idea about adding a couple of characters with some of the smaller minifig-based sets. Since you’ve already cracked the box by the looks of it can you tell me- are there step by step instructions for the little builds?I don’t want to open the sets until the day of the party though. Most of them – especially the larger ones – have a very good selection of 1×2, 1×3 and 1×4 bricks. It’s worth checking the inventory to see exactly what’s in each box. They are printed on the cover of the box, so it’s easy to see, and also available online. It’s a pure “bricks” set in like 11 different colors if you’re into that. There are no wheels, doors, studless curves, etc in this.

Lego Classic Creative Bricks – Building Blocks Set 10654 Unboxing with detailed views. Music: DARLING25 © nbnserge for …

As noted, a lot of basic bricks, few specialty pieces. Amazon to resolve the issue, and left me a very happy customer. Enough big pieces and enough small pieces. There are a lot of pieces enough to keep my daughter occupied for long.

I discuss the LEGO Classic theme and do an unboxing on LEGO 10682 Creative Suitcase.

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