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LEGO 10664 Singapore® Classic Building Instructions

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We also have five global manufacturing sites and numerous local offices and retail locations.

No pepper figure or the helmet accessories. Plastic wrappers removed from figure to inspect.

I honestly do not know what it looks like inside. If interested, pls give me up to 3 days to locate the item and confirm that it is sealed.Christmas presents early for your loved ones!

Before building the models, drones were flown over the various buildings to provide an aerial view of the monuments.

Singapore’S Lego Brick Artist Bbc News

Jeffrey Kong is an established brick artist in Singapore. He believes that it can be used to build all kinds of objects and express all …

The Lego Group Opens Innovative Singapore Office!

Find out more about The LEGO Group’s new Singapore office and how Activity Based Working is helping to cultivate collaboration!

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