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LEGO 10675

There’s been a breakout down at the town prison. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: 2 policemen and a crook.

There was plenty to put together, but at the same time it was totally manageable for him (with just a little bit of help from his dad the first time he did it). The mini figs to my knowledge are the same exact size as well. The size of the pieces were perfect for a 4 year old and since he had the fireman set, this was a great match. At first we put it together based on the instructions and now he does it by himself and puts his own versions together.I think this set is perfect to introduce legos. He is 3yrs old and the junior lego’s are a perfect fit for his hands and his level of coordination. He also loves anything to do with emergency vehicles and police and firemen. The details really engage the imagination. Also, he can assemble it by himself, so that is even better!

Building it, tearing it down, building it again.

Lego® Juniors 10675 Speed Build Police The Big Escape

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