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LEGO 10697 Walmart Classic Large Creative Brick

There was an old guy on the other side with one cart trying to block the other side.

I let the old guy grab two since he was there first.

I then went and grabbed one for myself and he snatched it out of my hands and gave me a dirty look. Walmart since last year so it has been a reseller’s paradise. Looking at historical posts from past years, it looks like a few lucky people got to order them at that price online but they sold out very quickly. It is definitely a good collection filler to go with other sets, especially lego friends sets because this comes with a good amount of the newer pink and purple colors.I have gotten it on black friday the last few years. For half of the price, you get a variety of bricks in numerous colors. Prepare to fight the crazy crowds if you’re going for this set. Is this because one box of 1500 is not enough?

Lego collector and builder, but sometimes the pieces required to build bigger structures is deceivingly high!

Are you suggesting we jump off that bullet train?

This toy building set is ideal for both budding builders and construction experts of all ages, with bricks aplenty even for large-scale projects. These are tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment and teach kids to think in three dimensions. They can also help with literacy as kids learn to read directions. The mat easily holds the 1500 pieces in this set. There is a smaller selection of sloping pieces and tile pieces, but they are very welcome, and it’s nice to get some of these pieces in bright colors. It also works well (as in my case) as a beefy supplement to add much needed chunky style bricks to the more eccentric and specialized pieces you’ll find in the sets with dedicated builds. The set is comprised mostly of ‘basic’ blocks that will be used again and again for standard, entry level projects, lots of varying sized wheels, and doors/windows. There are some neat pieces so you can build the projects in the book that is provided as well. My only bugaboo is there weren’t enough roof pieces.

I can sit on the floor with him for hours making different cool things. So fun and such a great way to bond with your kiddo and get them talking. This box provides a wide variety of pieces in a a wide spectrum of colors. But there are also plenty of general use bricks. But to supplement your stock of basic building elements, this gives you a healthy supply.

We visited them for dinner and all of us, four adults and the two girls sat around the dinner table building projects. The five year old can’t wait to get home from school so she can build with them.

I was concerned that the 2 year old wouldn’t play with them, but this isn’t the case. At almost 3, she can put together the larger pieces and enjoys her masterpieces!

My old collection got sold, so i picked up this variety pack to get back into it. This particular set is awesome because the large variety of blocks it comes with.

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