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LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative

It is recommended for ages 4 years and above. The set contains a total of 790 pieces made of plastic.

But it could do with a larger base plate, and more wheels and axels. Lots of little single brick toppers, like eyes and amber and red lamps. It has a couple of the little turntable pieces,, great for making cranes or a quick helicopter. Huge variety from blocks to wheels and plates.However very few baseplates, wheels, or axles. Really makes it hard to make certain scenes or for several kids to make similar items. It even comes with fun model ideas to help you get started. With so many shapes and colours, there’s no limit to what you can build!

This classic set is filled with unique play pieces for hours of creative fun. Change the style of your shops, houses and castles with 8 different types of window, door and frame.

Give your builds wheels with 6 tyres and 6 wheel rims, or bring creations to life with the 3 sets of eyes. This creative kit comes in a handy box for easy storage, along with 2 different sized green baseplates, and a pamphlet of building ideas. Amazon was the only place we could find them for a time. My only caution on this set is that there are no mini figures included, which would have been nice, and the count for the number of pieces is a little misleading. Do not expect to get 790 actual building blocks. The number includes pieces for the windows, tires and a number of other smaller pieces. That being said all the creative sets are like this, and you will not find a better price with free shipping. Actually closer to 400-450 functional pieces, with many single block or smaller pieces. Each individual part of the functional unit is counted as one piece. Each wheel is actually counted as 3 pieces (rubber, wheel, and axle). Each window and door is 2 or 3 pieces (1 frame, 1 glass or 2 shudders).

We got this recently for our son’s 5th birthday, and he absolutely loves it. There is pretty much anything you would need to start creating in this set and he loves it.

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