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LEGO 10702 Tesco Creative Building Set Amazon.Co.Uk Toys Games

Have already recommended this set to other members of the family and friends. Well required, given that much of the lego range is now focussed on characters or themes.

It shows out of stock, but according to the ad, it has not actually gone on sale yet.

I am hoping that it is showing out of stock because it has actually not gone on sale yet.

I bet you could take both pieces to customer service and show them the website to price match it.

I too stayed up to get this bundle online.I wish we had any good deals at all, honestly.

I fully expected it to sell out in 5 minutes, especially with a limit of 5. It came out to be around 11ish with shipping. They buy up used collections but leave the sorting part to us. Still a pretty good deal, just not nearly as good as last night.

I honestly didn’t have any expectations of it going live at that time though.

Lego Tesco

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My Tesco Full Lego set.

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