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LEGO 10703: Amazon Lego Classic Quad Pack Building Kit

Great little pack to keep them busy on a long car ride. They learn to take the time to read instructions (with pictures), sort the pieces, and build the items each box has for them to enjoy.

They are quick enough so that they do not get frustrated with a big project that is just to hard to complete. She had each of the items in all 4 boxes assembled in an hour. The kids are very adept at finding the parts they want. Each part (3 per box) takes him about 10 min to put together so he has enough “finished product” success that it keeps him motivated to do more!My kids loved it and they couldn’t stop playing with it. But this box is perfect because it allows kids just to get creative. Loads of pieces to build with including doors and windows. My daughter loves this more than her lego friends sets as she can build whatever she wants. Arrived a day later than estimated time which was already four days after ordering. If it’s for a present make sure you order well in advance.

You can’t go wrong for value with these sets. Loads of colours, doors, windows and little base plates for making all different kinds of buildings, my son really enjoys these boxes.

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