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LEGO 10706 Price

See the included guide, or go online for exciting ideas and inspiration. It was great to build it, an amazing feeling.

I like the dark blue color, and there was a decent amount of them – especially for the price.

I really like this one, specifically for the parts. The different shades of blue will help me for future builds, and the 3 builds that can be created are simple but effective.

I really like the array of shades of blue and the variety of different parts, which really contribute to making a child build something diverse and imaginative sets!Thes sets are easy and cheap to get, but most stores only have 1 or 2 of the colours available. They could have also given more ideas and maybe they could have included instructions for building something that is combined with some of the larger creative brick assortments. Plus, it has the perfect value for money. It has the most pieces out of all the other sets that go with this. The best part for me was finding out that you can actually build every item in the instruction booklet with the parts that come inside each box, 3 mini builds per box. The price is phenomenal and the builds in each are just so darn cute.

Lego Creator 10706 Blue Creative Box Lego Speed Build

Not only will my grand-kids love playing with these sets, but they get to learn colors as a bonus. They are super fast and easy to build which means this grandma will be able to put them back together quickly when the little ones take them all apart.

Lego Classic Blue Creativity Box Train?

House And Whale

LEGO Classic Blue Creativity Box 10706 Train?

House and Whale …

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