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LEGO 10712 Classic Bricks Gears

Further instructions are available online where you can learn, for example, how to rebuild the included helicopter model into a drill or a windmill for even more creative play. The gears are simple enough that he can put them together himself and he enjoys making new moving creations.

Lego 10712

We have added four technic wheels and a couple of axels from ‘pick a brick’ so that he can more easily make vehicles where something turns when they are pushed along. My nine year old said this was cooler then a creator set because you can make more then one thing at time.

I can’t wait to share this with my grandkids. Includes a brick separator to make rebuilding a breeze.Set features colorful bricks, gears, and axles. Includes directions to make 5 little moving things and you can get 5 more on the lego website. Really makes you think about how things need to go together to make them have moving parts. Instructions very clear and he was able to complete without help from anyone. Make sure to go online and view how to build the other few sets.

I had them each choose a model to build in turn.

Lego Classic 10712 “Bricks & Gears” Unboxing, Speedbuild, Part Analysis & Review

The models in the instructions are easy and entertaining for them; they were very excited about each one.

Lego Classic Fun Function Box

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