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LEGO 10805 Duplo: Building Set Lego Amazon.Co.Uk Toys Games

Lego have missed a trick though, they could do world play mat, it would ideal for putting all the lego on. Will be able to do more with it as gets older.

Lego 10805 Duplo

However, the pieces are quite loose when built/joint together, and causes frustration to very young children ages 2-5, which is the target age group of this toy. The pieces are only secure when built in a staggered layer – like a brick wall. There are a ton of animals, his favorite is the whale.

I love the water piece that can be added to the top of the whale as if he was spraying water.This has been great to teach him about animals and different areas where animals live. This set is a great way to teach little kids about animal environments and animals in general.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a child who likes duplo legos.

I bought his for a 1 year old even though recommended age is 2-5. The pieces are not small enough for him to swallow so it’s fine. He loves it and plays with it everyday day.

This special LEGO DUPLO Around the World set puts a world of animals at your fingertips!

Little explorers can travel from place to …

I like the travel theme and that it has lots of animals. It’s a little pricy but you really get your money’s worth from this set.

Лего Дупло Вокруг Света . Видео для детей. Распаковка. Unboxing Lego Duplo Around The World.

Lego Duplo 10805 Вокруг Света это один из самых больших и очень интересных наборов из этой серии. И с помощью …

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