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LEGO 10859

It’s simple to build and great for developing fine motor and early construction skills. It’s also a fun baby building toy to take along and play with wherever you go!

Also includes a double-sided awake/asleep face brick as a story starter. A quick and simple build for hours of fun. This set is a great toy to take and play with wherever you go. Turn the double-sided face brick to make the ladybug go to sleep and wake up again.Use the flower to start stories with the ladybug, or talk to your child about insect habitats to develop language skills as you play. Makes an ideal creative play gift for preschool children. Ladybug measures over 2” (7cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide. It’s also a fun toy to take along and play with wherever you go!

Samuti on komplektis kahepoolne klots, mis kujutab ärkvel olevat ja magavat näoilmet. Kiire ja lihtne ehitada ning mängimine pakub tundideks lõbu.

The Adorable Duplo Ladybug – Lego Set 10859

Little kids need your attention all the time, but some toys are better at catching their attention when you need a little time to get a …

Kasuta lille lepatriinust lugude loomiseks või räägi mängides lapse keeleliste oskuste arendamiseks talle putukate elupaikadest. Order kids have smaller parts and she felt left out. She was so proud of herself in finishing and showing orders kids she could do it. Great toy to learn to put things together and take them apart. Both of them really enjoy building it and than use it to tow their other vehicles.

Unboxing Lego Duplo My First Ladybug

LEGO for 1.5 – 3 years children More info:

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