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LEGO 12 Year Old

Whether they aspire to be master builders, or just like to play with sets; there’s something in it for everyone. Of course, it all depends on what the child likes.

Lego 12 Year Old

Also keep the price ranges in mind; depending on the budget available, the difficulty of choosing the right often depends on money limitations. Putting money into it was more fun than putting it in a wallet, and it was a good motivator for me to keep saving up.

You can store coins and notes inside, stage a break-in with the included crook minifigure, and it even has a working lock mechanism. Everything (except for the mech) can be packed away into the container trailer, making it convenient for transport in the real world.It’s a good stand-alone model with a decent selection of parts. Even though this set is pricier than other suggestions in this article, the amount of pieces and play features makes up for it. It includes 2 nicely detailed buildings, which can fold open to reveal a lush interior with plenty of decorations. It provides you with pieces and instructions, but also lets you know that “hey, you can also invent stuff yourself!”. It has a nice selection of minifigures, pieces and weapons, which means you can always build something else if you wanted to.

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