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LEGO 14 Years And Up

This is his story, and these are his creations. These are made for 14 year old kids and older.

Lego 14 Years And Up

Stijn kept collecting these but then something changed. They like it especially for its image annotation abilities, which allows them to highlight details and comment on them. His models are so damn good that they can pass for official sets. Instructions that we can still find will be included (if they are not in the pictures then we don’t have them).Everything originally inside the box (pieces, minifigs, etc.) is included, and the stickers have not been applied. Includes 853 bricks and building instructions for 6 showpiece models. Contains only 2 mini figures, but should have most of the building pieces. Other than a few missing pieces, it’s in great shape!

The small built on on the left side from the main hall.


J’ai été cambriolé; la majorité de ma collection a été volée; ma dernière création qui représente 10 mois de travail et que j’étais …

Lego Up Kid Unlocked!

Lego The Incredibles % Free Roam Guide Gameplay # (Kid Friendly)

Lego UP Kid, Russel, and The Balloon House Unlocked in my Lego The Incredibles 100% Completion Free Roam Gameplay …

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