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LEGO 15008: It’s Lego! Lepin Green Grocer Modular Building

I noticed one of the bags containing sand green 1×8 bricks had been ripped opened.

I received a duplicate bag of 1×6 gray bricks.

The first floor walls are in place and some of the merchandise for the store shelves has been put on display.

I like the cooler at the back of the shop. Here’s the back side of the first floor, step 30.

I think they gave me an extra bag of 1×6 bricks by mistake.I managed to continue the first floor without any further problems.

I decided to dispense with them altogether. The blue and white canopy has been installed above the front windows. The lady minifigure gets a baby carriage, but sadly no baby minifigure.

I was missing five 1×4 sand green bricks as well as two 2×6 dark gray plates. Only other issue is that every clear part is fogged and so will need replacing.

Lepin 15008 Green Grocer Set Review Similar To Lego 10185

Recently i built cafe corner from lepin and i lost i bag of 1×2 grey tile.

I just ordered lepin green grocer and this i hope not missing any single bag.

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