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LEGO 18001: Conformity Statements

However, that does not detract from the figure in my opinion as the detailed torso printing looks superb and the tousled hair piece is brand new in this medium dark flesh shade. Whatever its purpose might be, this small model includes many features of the larger one such as a working drawbridge and rolling wheels, although the treads are absent from the polybag version.

Lego 18001

There is even a ladder included for the driver to get into position, although you might prefer to view it as a radiator. The offset construction of the two turrets at the front is impressive and this section also includes the brand new pyramid piece (the ‘minimid’). The colour scheme of the model is my only area of criticism. Presumably most buyers will like these bold colours in which case they will be pleased to see them on this model!There are definitely limits to what can be achieved in a polybag set, so it’s great to see one that so perfectly evokes what it’s intended to be!

This set also has a great parts selection and — in my opinion — a great color scheme.

I agree about the torso printing–it is very nice. This one is a nice microfighter-type tiny set, so it gets a pass. Built a small set recently featuring quite a few cheese slopes and after a week they were all split.

I might pick-a-brick a bunch of the pyramids if they’re ever available in more useful colors.

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A wedge with a stud sticking out of the bottom?


Minecraft Lepin 18001 clon LEGO.

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