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LEGO 1858 Remington

On the front of two of the thrusters are lasers, and on the front of a ship is another laser. The vehicle has two 4×4 right and left wedge wings, two long black stud connecting receptacles right behind that and two white space gun pieces with a transparent-blue stud extending from it.

Lego 1858

The slope is also connected to the vehicles control 1×2 plate printed control panel as well as a long black stud receptacle at front with a white and transparent-blue stud. The cockpit seat itself is only connected to the vehicle and to a transparent-green dish at the back representing a rocket boaster. The ship is white and black with neon blue lasers and a neon yellow booster. The ship also has boosters on either side that rotate 360 degrees, which is a nice way to change direction for such a small model.The vehicle is controlled by a control panel in front of the droid pilot. His helmet is a dark grey with a neon yellow visor. His face is black with circuits and a smile on it. The rest of his head is completely clear. He is also holding a black ray gun with a neon yellow bit at the end.

Bo2 Buried Lego 1858 Remington New Army Revolver

The Lego version of the 1858 Remington New Army Revolver (Revolver) which is a percussion revolver manufactured by …

Lego Space Exploriens Droid Scout , From Year

Set numeber 1858-1 Name: Droid Scout SET TYPE Normal THEME GROUP Action/Adventure THEME SPACE SUBTHEME …

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