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LEGO 1955: ‘s

Petersen discussed the fact that all toys seemed to be one-off items and that there was no cohesive toy system available. He drew up a list of attributes he thought a toy system should have and began to review his own products for a possible candidate.

Godtfred wrote to sales agents in 1955: 1. The vehicles consisted of a metal frame with metal axles and wheels and a plastic body. From 1956–1969 no less than 17 different truck and 20 different car models were produced. It was perfect marketing; parents could always buy a new, relatively inexpensive set to add to their children’s collection.Architectural toys date back to the 1800’s and have an especially rich history. The sets do not appear to have been very popular and were discontinued after only two years.

1955 Lego System Commercial

Lego is here!

Hey kids, look!

A whole new world to build…’cause Lego is here!

This young boy had such fun, he used Lego one by …

Back To The Past… Lego In The S History

a brief overview of original Lego products in the 1950s – an era before expanding Lego sales to North America in 1961 via an …

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