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LEGO 1980 Guy: Amazon Lego Movie Benny Something Space Minifigure

Comments about rule breaking submissions will be removed, just hit report instead. Like only moving the figures the way they would in real life, when in earlier lego movies they would bend and stretch.

Lego 1980 Something Space Guy

It’s a lot of the same style of humor as the first and it looks awesome.

I remember ours back then being much thinner. Second revision maintained most of the pill shape from the original but the chin still broke. The newest model is way, way thicker and blended into the rest of the helmet, giving it a far more round shape overall – and being way stronger.It’s the transparent visors that didn’t come along until later. That’s a space helmet cast in classic grey with a special visor to make it look more medieval. Fast forward a decade, the internet is just starting to take off. They moved the gate location to move the knit line off the thin section. They break real easy at the bottom, dead center.

I genuinely didn’t realize that the crack was a defect and always thought that it was intentional.

All of our space series helmets were cracked in the same place and superglued, so they felt fairly smooth. However over thirty years after they were last made there were very few left in the office (a few yellows and reds) and the ones there all looked far too new for what was needed. So, so many different kinds of ships/moon bases were created. And yes, like two thirds of my space helmets had the cracked chin piece. It’s also more likely someone just stumbled on the info (or plain knew about it) rather than investigating a particular crack. This is going to be a giant advertisement, right?

As a lego fan it blew me away how it looked when i saw the first trailer.

I almost thought they used stop motion to film it which would’ve been mind blowing. Initially, it was supposed to be a satire of the vapid, superficial society they lived in. Later on, it is an approval of playing with and mixing all of the sets. But the cracked helmet actually being a thing irl is just amazing!

He runs back and forth really quickly grabbing pieces and in order to achieve the right visual effect, the animators used long bricks in place of his actual body model to simulate a smear animation.

I may be going overboard with it, but it is one of my favourite prized figures. It’s my favorite movie detail of all time. Made for some cool helicopter pilot helmets. Kids these days with their pre-faded jeans and their pre-broken lego.

I had to rewatch the film and pause every few seconds to see every detail of the individual lego pieces. Include the name of the movie in your title. No common reposts, recent reposts or from top 200.

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