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LEGO 2 Game: Walkthrough

I love the character variety and range of powers, it also let’s you create 10 of your own characters with all sorts of customizations and options. Don’t buy this anywhere else it’s super expensive in most stores and it’s a steal of a deal online.

Has all the graphics and still kid friendly with out all the blood and swearing. Him and his cousins have been hovering around the television rotating turns to play this game.

I have a lot of lego games and this is by far the eaisest set up of them all. This title has been rated everyone 10 plus cartoon violence.The controls are simple enough for my pre-schooler to use and the game is complicated enough to engage my grown adult husband. If you throw away your thoughts ?

of the first one and concentrate and allow yourself to play the 2nd one, then you have a fun game on your hands. Whatever console you choose to play it on, don’t deny yourself. Arrived quickly and in excellent condition!

I love that it is open world once you get past the first couple missions. There are also so many great heroes to play.

His is a great couch co-op game to play with whoever is in your life that enjoys videos games and super heroes.

I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first entry in the series.

I don’t think the puzzles are as hard as some people are saying; it is meant to be fun, not frustrating. There are the occasional one but it’s nothing game breaking.

I do like the different realms you can visit. Pretty much every character outside the main group cost studs to unlock.

You have to find their unlock piece and then pay for them. It’s not a horrible thing, but i don’t remember having to pay for this many characters in the first game. Switch version suffers from some technical hangups, with occasial frame drops and pop-in. They look inside and see an unknown figure. Kang states that he is a conqueror and that conquering is what he will do.

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