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LEGO 2 In 1 Sets: Amazon Lego Star Wars Toys Games

The booklet shows each part and how it connects in pictures.

I only had to snap a couple of pieces together for him that he was not quite strong enough to do for himself.

Lego 2 In 1 Sets

The price is a bit higher than retail, but this is more than understandable knowing that they aren’t sold anymore. Lots of building fun and play value and plenty of minifigures. The smooth tabletop is removable to reveal a construction table for use with building blocks any type. Giving your little one a table and chair set at their size gives them a sense of control and helps them learn independence.We have multiple room collections that fit the style of any home. Although it is made of hard plastic, it easily bears most items my kid uses2. My kid has already fallen twice since the chair legs does not have a rubberized bottom, it slides, especially on hardwood-floors. Very hard for a child to place legos on top of the activity table3.

I must warn that it is very light weight. My youngest is very strong and active she can easily lift and drag this table.

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She had to learn to sit properly in the chairs. A mat under the set is highly recommended. If the child is a climber, you must be very vigilant. But table will easily give under the child. Both can eat, pretend play and color/write comfortably. We’ve had it for several months now, moved it between several rooms, and my 3 kids have spent a lot of time using this table for various projects. Legos do stick tight to the table and you have to pry them off, but on the plus side they stay put on the table for kids to build houses and structures. The bottoms of the chairs are slippy and will slide around.

I have our table on carpet so it is not that bad.

I have is that the storage compartment for the legos(in the middle of the table) is really shallow so it doesn’t fit many legos in there and the chairs are very flimsy and slide very easily on our wood floors(my daughter would fall when trying to sit). She still talks about her new leg of table like she got it yesterday.

I like the extra top so she can have snacks at it or play with other toys at it. One small note: if you have hardwood floors it needs to be on a small shaggy carpet or it moves too much. My daughter has fallen trying to get on and off these chairs.

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