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You can whizz around a race track in around 5 minutes. You’ll want to settle in for the evening to play through the game’s story. Put aside that movie re-run evening and try out this narrative adventure game instead.And if the frustration of teaming up gets too much, you can indulge your desire for revenge the franticly brilliant deathmatch mode. Actually, better make that really good friends. So, why not share the burden and take on wave-after-wave of enemies with a friend?

Housemarque is one of 2017’s most acclaimed titles, and an absolute blast in couch co-op.

You can blaze through a level in 10-15 minutes. Overcooked is the only really good one here.

Lego Marvel’S Avengers Part 2 The Co Op Mode

Chris and Seth explore Lego Manhattan and unlock characters of shapes of sizes in Lego Marvel’s Avengers for the Xbox One.

I have no local gamer friends or relatives. Games don’t have to be ultra-realistic to be fun. They shouldn’t be coming at the expense of games aimed at solo players, and single-player games should not be expected to accommodate co-op players.

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Lego The Incredibles Part The Underminer!

( Player)

Your favorite Disney Super Heroes, The Incredibles are here in LEGO form to save the world!

Watch as The Elite Trio dive into the …

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