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LEGO 2009 Castle

These knights also wore a coat of arms (either a tunic or breastplate) over their body. It was not again until 1990 when knights came with movable visors and armor breastplates, as the knights between 1984-89 had solid grill helmets while their “armor” was just a texture on their body.

Lego 2009 Castle

As there were no horse-specific pieces, horses were built entirely of bricks. The 1984 castle sets featured many newly introduced pieces and weapons. Many of these new pieces would be included in future castle sets. The 1990 castle sets brought a further changes – as knights now had armor breastplates and helmets with movable visors.One shield featured a black and white bird against a black and white background, split down the middle, with a blue or gold border. The mini-figures that were associated with these shields almost invariably had black pants, black helmets, and blue torsos with black sleeves, often with the bird emblem on them. It came with six minifigures; two archers, two spearmen, and two knights mounted on horses. Like the yellow castle, the set featured special hinge pieces that could open up the castle to take a look inside and get at the interior. This set was almost identical to the 1986 set: the horse saddles had two clips instead of one, and the shield ornament on the minifigures’ breastplates was slightly different in shape. Four mounted knights and eight soldiers/guards were included.

Lego Castle (2007 2009)

Castle(2007) was a theme introduced in 2007. The theme was often referred to as “Fantasy Era” or “Fantasy Castle” by fans to …

The walls of the castle could be opened to play inside the castle. This was one of the first sets to feature the newly invented knight helmet visor and armor pieces. Crossbows and glow in the dark ghost were also new pieces introduced. Two exclusive elements the set included a princess and a black-colored bird. One change in the reissue was the horse saddle had two clips instead of one. The interior of the set could be opened to see inside the cave and enabled more play. This set was also one of the first sets to have a brown colored horse. This hideout was an abandoned castle covered with trees, vines and leaves, where it was surrounded by a moat. This set had a unique baseplate of a small stream printed on it with white dots marked on the studs to indicate where to place the pieces. The set featured an old tower and a large tree which were connected by a rope bridge that ran across the stream. They are characterized by a red, yellow, and blue dragon shield. The big difference was its inclusion of octagonal turrets. This was one of the first sets to include the horse armor barding. The only changes that were made to the 1992 re-release sets were the horse saddles. The older dragon triangular shield was still used in the sets for infantry and guards. Their goal appeared to be the capture and possible taming (for use in battle) of fearsome fire breathing green dragons with red wings. The dragons were another new element to the series. One possible reason why this occurred was because in 1994, no new castle sets were planned to be released. The main characters are the knights of the opposing factions. It was also made into a trading card game and book series. His emblem is the scorpion, and it is set into his shield for all to know. This is supposedly because of his skill with the sword, and disdain of the shield. He uses basic light blasts from his sword to battle. He normally acts as a father-figure to pages and squires, giving them advice.

This bold knight loves action and is eager to show off his skills. People love to see him compete in tournaments because it’s impossible to predict his next move before he does it. Unfortunately, he does not have many friends, for his strength makes people fear him. But his friends know him as a very dependable friend, always willing to help his friends with their troubles. The waves form new tunnels, and wind helps the people provide their own power. Consists of a large castle and scorpion catapult. Consists of a siege tower with battering ram. Consists of a wagon with prison cell and catapult. Consists of a horse-mounted catapult, giant scorpion, and prison cave and tower. As shown in the comic, the old knights did not die. Consists of a castle wall and four siege machines.

Lego 2009 Castle

Consists of a battleship and guard tower. Consists of a bridge and wheeled battering ram. Contains a keep with 4 towers on a mountain base plate. The undead faction has the emblem of a skull, and the army consists almost entirely of undead skeletons, mostly the normal white kind but also featuring a new black variant. Their color scheme consists of dark red and black. The only fantasy elements are the wizard minifigures. Castle theme of 2007, includes peasants and civilians, instead of concentrating solely on military factions. Kingdoms is the first theme to include back-printing on the torsos of the minifigures. This theme featured new knight helms, new horse armor (a sleek-silhouette “unicorn” horse battle helmet), goats, and a new portcullis piece. This theme was a fantasy-based theme with a wizard and a large dragon. Most sets contained warriors from two opposing factions, in order to increase playability. They own a ship and a carriage, but no siege engines. The trolls are monsters that were introduced in 2008 . They are in possession of a single building, a fortress . Only three sets have been released, including a large mine , a battle machine , as well as a battle pack with five dwarf minifigures and equipment. In all of these sets the dwarves are pitted against the trolls .

New Lego Set Castle

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