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LEGO 2011 Architecture Fallingwater

It doesn’t include any minifigures , as all sets of this line. It consists of climbing levels shaped by large sandstone ledges.

Merging man and nature into an architectural masterpiece!

If we like your idea we’ll ask you to go ahead and write it, and we’ll publish it here (or, if you don’t feel like writing it, we’ll do it for you!). Remember, always cite your sources if you want to keep your friends . The point is that the quotes in the book are not great.The reader is drawn from page to page as the story builds to a stunning climax. The house utilizes strong horizontal and vertical lines yet still seems to blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. Nevertheless it is a solid set and would look great on a desk or bookshelf as a display piece. Building time is longer than you would expect for such a small piece, about 5 hours all told. The final model feels solid and is certainly a talking point.

LEGO® Architecture Fallingwater® 815 Teile LEGO Set 21005 Die Verschmelzung von Mensch und Natur zu einem …

Architecture Studio Lego Lego Architecture Fallingwater

Architecture studio Lego – Lego 2011 Architecture Fallingwater “When constructed, the structure isn’t big: …

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