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LEGO 2012: Collectable Minifigures

These anthropomorphized pieces of plastic are a hot collector’s item, and with high demand comes high prices. These are a few of the priciest minifigs on the market today.

Lego 2012 Minifigures

In 2012, they offered a series of four superhero minifigs—each with a limited production run of only 1000 pieces—as a special giveaway. Naturally, you’ll only get top dollar on the resale market if you kept the brick and card. Oddly enough, there are more of these figures out there—325 of each—but they actually sell for a slightly higher price.

You can’t underestimate the popularity of your friendly neighborhood wallcrawler.Superman was presented with the same newspaper-style cardboard backing as the other two heroes, but there were only 200 figures available. After all, not everyone can say they have a minifig that’s been to space. Instead of being modeled after the movie characters that were available in superhero playsets, these minifigs were modeled after the then-current comic book versions of the characters. The minifigs came packaged together and most collectors refuse to break up the set. So if you want to get your hands on one or the other, you’ll usually have to buy them together. The new minifigs included a caveman, a ninja, a robot, and a nurse.

All Lego 2012 Dc Superheroes Minifigures

All Lego Minifigure and Mini Modular Build Collection Exclusive Bricktober from Toys R Us.

Since then, new minifig series are released every year. Limited to only 5000 pieces worldwide, it has since become the single most expensive minifig on the market today.

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