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LEGO 2012 Set Holiday Christmas Review

The box contains one instruction booklet, two un-numbered bags, the horse, and a white 4×12 plate. The sleigh driver wears a very nice looking black suit and a top hat.

The woman minifigure wears a white blouse that doesn’t look thick enough for the cold weather as well as brown belt printing on the torso. The young boy wears a heavy green jacket with grey gloves. On his face, he has freckles on both sides of the cheeks. The young girl wears blue sweater with a lavender colored scarf.The sleigh is a simple build that connects to the horse using the harness piece. The majority of the color is red with green wreaths on the side. The length of the sleigh allows for the driver and two passengers. The other part of the build is the winter park scene. This too is pretty simple to build with the 4×12 plate being the main part and pieces are added on to create a snow scene in the park. There is a bench and a streetlight with some decorations.

On the opposite side are a couple of trees. If you’ve managed to pick one of these sets up, you’ll be glad you did because it does enhance your winter collection.

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