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LEGO 2016 Advent Calendar City: Help Topics

So, let us get cracking with today’s review. Behind the first panel is a pair of snowmen.

The larger of the pair is adorned with a red necktie and is wearing a golden fireman’s helmet – is this a clue for the predominant theme of this year’s calendar?

The smaller snowman (or snowchild?) looks a bit feeble in comparison, consisting of just two blank white minifigure heads, a red necktie and a wooly hat. Together, they look quite reasonable, but there is no escaping the fact that they are static models. Consequently – unless you have a vivid imagination – they offer very little playability, which could come as a disappointment for younger people.City advent calendars typically contain lots of small parts, of which there are many additional spare parts. On this occasion we get a spare button (a 1×1 black round plate) and an additional arm. Unfortunately neither of these spare parts can be added to today’s model, but they will make a welcome addition to my spares bin. Day 1 also seems an appropriate time to discuss the artwork on this year’s box. The front of the box gives several clues as to what we might expect over the next 24 days. As usual, the front of the box folds downwards to reveal a base on which your models can be displayed.

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The new background image shows a couple of festive sheds and a wreath on a lamp post, but this scene will of course be obliterated by the time all 24 doors have been opened. Today’s model gets a score of 3/5 , as although it makes a nice static model, there is very little playability (which is somewhat disappointing for the first day). Come back tomorrow to find out what is behind the second panel.

I have tored the flaps off for a couple of years now. All calendars always have the numbers in the exact same predictive places.

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